Getting there with a little help from my friend.

I was (this) close to launching my web site and at the same time (THAT) far.  All the graphics, the text, the product uploads, SEO, the tweeking (58 changes to the home page alone) were done. So near yet so far. Because I needed videos, one for every product. Just a shortie, really no sweat, I said to myself. 

But after all this work, still more to do?

Yes, I know, you’ve looked at the site and thought, “What’s the big deal. It’s just a simple web site”.
Well, I’m here to tell ya, making something LOOK simple is not easy. You spend a lot of time erasing, deleting, reducing, trashing and stressing to get there. 

My whiney I’m-never-going-to-get-there-melt down began.

Along comes Lexi. Lexi is 13 and brilliant. Lexi is an artist. She would love to have an iPad, and an iPencil, and a case and and a special screen protector that feels like drawing on paper.  So, I let her use mine. And then, in a classic eureka moment I think, “Can she do my videos? For pay? Work to buy her own tablet with required accessories?
And rescue me???” 

I’ve heard that kids are really tech savvy.

So I ask her, ask her Mom. We all decide that if she works “x” number of hours at “x” $ per hour she can, indeed, EARN her own iPad before summer vacation is over. But first I have to see if she is really up to the task.

Monday morning. Lexi shows up at 10AM exactly on time.  I show her iMovie. She already knows plenty. I show her what needs to be in the videos. She’s cool with that. By the end of the day on Friday she has created 16 short product videos and a 5 minute coloring book review.
With music.

And she’s half way to earning her iPad. Which I already bought on Amazon on Prime Day and saved her $100.  It’s sitting there in 2 boxes in my office. She says seeing the packages sitting there is torture. I say it builds character and work ethic.
We laugh.

Next week might be a long one. She has 16 more product videos and two book reviews to go. We added another book review because she needs a little extra $$ to purchase an apple gift card to buy a couple of drawing and video programs from the apple store.

That said, I am 100% confident that she will no longer be borrowing my iPad by the end of the week.


She made it! Congratulations and thanks for your help, Lexi. You worked so hard. I’m impressed!