You and I have something in common.
We both know that creativity is good for the soul.

My studio in New Hampshire, the pond outside my window, and me enjoying a hike in central Florida.



When I create, I’m thinking of you.

I love to draw, you love to color, we meet here in the middle. How cool is that!

Before “The Colorful World of Patty Vadalia” came to be, I was blissfully dabbling in all kinds of art ~
by myself. Then one day I was overcome with a sense of isolation. Art is supposed to be about expression and communicating and connecting.

Why did I feel so alone?

I was concerned that even if I tried to reach out, no one would be interested in what I have to offer. Then I happened upon a whole new world in the coloring community. Happy people creating, sharing, relaxing, making friends, and just having fun.

I wanted in.

I decided to set out to create the most delightful illustrations that anyone of any age in the whole world would enjoy coloring. (I dream big.) 

Time changes everything.

Right about then it became clear that it was time to make some big lifestyle changes. As empty nesters for quite some time already, we decided it was time to sell the farm (literally) and downsize. It took seven years to sell the farm, move to a apartment temporarily, clear some land, rebuild, move again and settle in. Whew! I hung onto my dream, although it took quite a bit longer than I thought it would to get here.

Having fun and sharing.

It turns out that creating art for coloring is really enjoyable and also quite a challenge.  Rather than drawing just for me, now I create art with you in mind. With each new drawing, I try my best to make it fun for anyone of any age to color. 

I’m all in now.

Today, after a good bit of hand wringing, this web site up and running. The response so far has been so positive and supportive, I am thrilled.  All the good vibes coming my way are so energizing – I’m addicted to the wonderful world of coloring!

Sending lots of positive energy, inspiration and creativity your way, 

Patty V.